New Blog!

I enjoy reading a lot of different blogs, so I have been thinking it would be cool to (re-)start my own mathsy/programmingy blog on a somewhat regular basis. So I have new-years-resolved to start blogging again/more regularly!

The eagle eyed among you may notice that is in fact April (or at least that that is when this post was published) so I have already pretty much failed… However I shall not fail again! No, this time I have set up a beeminder goal pledging to blog regularly. Meaning that I have to pay real money if I don’t keep this habit up, so you’re guaranteed to read something here at least. Whether it was worth reading or not will be for future generations to say (i.e. not you! Ok, ok, constructive criticism is welcomed with open (but slightly bear-like and intimidating) arms). This was probably a very-bad-idea, we shall see.

I have moved my old blog (which mostly concerned my work on FLINT) from Wordpress to this site powered by Jekyll. So there is at least something here for me to build on, and if you want to follow this blog for updates you can do so with rss/atom/smoke signals.

This will almost about any of the questions and explorations I go on and find interesting, probably mostly maths with a bit of computer science/other random things thrown in. Until next time, watch this space (or watch me go broke)!