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These are notes for Ali Altuğ's course MA841 at BU Fall 2018.

The course webpage is

Course overview: Upon Akshay Venkatesh winning the fields medal I decided to dedicate this term to various aspects of equidistribution results in number theory and their relations to L-functions. I am aiming to cover basic results like Linnik's and Duke's theorems, as well as certain aspects of subconvexity. As we move along we may briefly touch several other aspects like quantum unique ergodicity (QUE) or equidistribution in other settings (e.g. over function fields). There is an abundance of material on this topic. We will not follow a single book or an article (although the first book and the survey articles following that will be the main reference), however here are a bunch of helpful papers/books. I will update these references as we move along.