Hello world!

I am Alex, a first year grad student at Boston University. Previously I worked at TU Kaiserslautern (on the MPIR Library), and studied at the Universities of Cambridge and Warwick.
I am interested in many things, but mostly number theory and related topics right now.
Here is a picture of me.
And below are some things you might actually have come here looking for.

Picture of me


Serre's Conjecture, at Ulm University Oberseminar (based on part III essay below)
Singular Moduli, at Warwick Imperial Autumn Meeting 2014 (slides)
Riemann Hypotheses, at Warwick Mathematics Society talks (slides)
Category Theory I, at Warwick Mathematics Society talks (with Ben Wormleighton)
Geometric approaches to solving Diophantine equations, at Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today 2013, (slides)


My Part III Essay on Serre's conjecture; supervised by Jack Thorne (source on GitHub, comments welcome!)

For lecture notes see Mjolnir (under construction for the foreseeable future)

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