Hello world!

I am Alex, a second year grad student at Boston University. Previously I worked at TU Kaiserslautern (on the MPIR Library), and studied at the Universities of Cambridge and Warwick.
I am interested in many things, but mostly number theory and related topics right now.
I would try to be more specific, but honestly there is just too much cool stuff out there.
Here is a picture of me.
And below are some things you might actually have come here looking for.
If you want to send me an email, go ahead! Just replace the .github.io part of this web address with @gmail.com.

Picture of me


  • Explicit Coleman integration in Larger Characteristic (arXiv)
  • Computing Zeta Functions of Cyclic Covers in Large Characteristic (with Vishal Arul, Edgar Costa, Richard Magner and Nicholas Triantafillou) (arXiv)

Other Documents

I took some fancy notes in Ali Altuğ's class on Automorphic forms and the Arthur-Selberg trace formula, check them out!
There is also a pdf version

My Part III Essay on Serre's conjecture; supervised by Jack Thorne (source on GitHub, comments welcome!)

For (some old) lecture notes see Mjolnir.

Current: None
MA225 Multivariable Calculus (BU Fall 2017) (TA)
MA123 Calculus 1 Section A2 (BU Summer 1 2017) (Lecturer)
EK102 Linear Algebra (BU Spring 2017) (TA)
MA121 Calculus I for Life and Social Scientists (BU Fall 2016) (TA)
CS137 Discrete Maths and its Applications 2 (Warwick 2014) (TA)

Some (expository) talks (many with notes in the link)

The (inescapable) p-adics, a lightning talk at the BU Math retreat (slides)
A Smörgåsbord of Dessins d'Enfants, and Dessins, integer points on elliptic curves and a proof of the ABC conjecture BUNTES Spring 2018
The Tannakian formalism cannot hurt you STAGE Spring 2018
Various in BUNTES 2017 (Abelian varieties: Complex theory, Étale cohomology, the Rosati involution)
Ribet's converse to Herbrand's theorem: Cuspstruction, at STAGE Spring 2017, (notes on my blog: part I, part II)
Serre's Conjecture, at Ulm University Oberseminar (based on part III essay)
Singular Moduli, at Warwick Imperial Autumn Meeting 2014 & Cambridge Part III seminar series (slides)
Riemann Hypotheses, at Warwick Mathematics Society talks (slides)
Geometric approaches to solving Diophantine equations, at Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today 2013, (slides)

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